Clash of Clans (Download)


Clash of Clans is the bomb! Clash of Clans is a great game in which you can raise an army, start clans, and battle with millions of players world wide. It’s a lot like Boom Beach. First, start out with a small village with a weak army. Then you can build your base and upgrade your army to become one of the biggest and baddest players out there.  You will be able to play with a millions of people across the world, competing in different leagues with different clans. Upgrade your clan castle and get together with friends to start clan wars against other rival groups. This is a great, competitive game to play on your Apple or Android Device. Actually, I still remember the first time I played it. I first downloaded it using the Wifi hotspot riding in a limo to take my mother out for mother’s day. Of course, I was a young kid and easily distracted and got bored quickly, hence my beginning to online gaming. Kudos to you for the nice touch of the added wifi Limo Maine!

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Black Ops III (3)

Hey, how is everyone!? Sorry, I haven’t been on at all lately, I’ve been really busy with school, and grades, and friends, and all that junk.  Anyway, I pre-ordered Black Ops III before it came out and was instantly in love. Black Ops III is the future of gaming. I got it for Xbox One too, just saying. (If you would like to add me, my gamertag is: BigTimeGooseX) I got the Nuk3town map too, and it was incredible. They remade it yet again and it is amazing. Anyway, back to the discussion on the entire game overall. This game is probably the most fast paced Call of Duty title since their latest game, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Sniping, is incredibly tough, to be honest. The best weapons probably to go with are the LMG’s or the Assault Rifles. Or maybe even the shotguns. The shotguns in Bo3 are incredible. The greatest thing about Bo3 are the new features that come to life within the game. This is the first time Call of Duty has ever experienced wall running! Yes, WALL RUNNING! Another great new feature about the game is that you can play the campaign with people online multiplayer. It’s crazy and makes the campaign all that much better. Another great thing is the zombies mode. The zombies mode takes place, if I can remember correctly, back in the 1800’s in a city known for it’s gambling. Looks like the characters of the zombies mode are gambling with incredibly high stakes, am I right? 😉 haha.  Anyway, that’s all for now. Be expecting new updates on both this blog, and other blogs. Thanks everybody for taking the time to read my blog, and have a great day! 😉

Jet Pack Joyride (Android)

Alright everybody, the other day my friend showed me a game called Jetpack Joyride.  As most of you already know, its designed for both Apple and Android platforms. What I use is an android phone. This game is full of surprises, fun events, and amazing challenges. For example, I was playing once and I noticed that you can high five the little scientists running around on the ground. Another example is that within the game, if you hit a multicolored box, you get a vehicle to ride in, and there are a variety of different ones. One is a dragon that you can fly on, another is a small robot that works like a frog, another is a jet ski, and finally there’s a crazy teleporter. I’m probably confusing a lot of you out there because you may not have played or heard of this game. The object of the game is to progress through a map, kind of like a Mario map, and you avoid incoming projectiles while riding in a jetpack or even one of the vehicles that I mentioned a while ago. As you progress through the game, the speed increases quickly and the difficulty level rises. That’s all I have for today everyone, thank for reading, check out this game, and I’ll see you in my next post.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Hey everyone it’s me Niles again, and I have another amazing game to tell all of you about. This game is called Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, a game produced by one of the most popular franchises known as Call of Duty. I have been playing this game for a while and I have to be honest, it’s by far my favorite Call of Duty games so far, right ahead of my other favorite Call of Duty: MW3. This game is incredible when you put together the multiplayer experience, the graphics, the campaign, and everything else. I just love this game. I’ve been playing this game for about two weeks now and I just about am obsessed. You should all go out and get this game. This is all I have for right now, I will update this soon. Thanks everyone and see ya!

Battlefield 4 Premium (Continued)

Hey everyone, Niles here again. I just wanted to talk about Battlefield 4 Premium a little bit more. I was playing for about three weeks (A couple hours a day) and I got the Phantom Bow I was talking about.  I gotta tell you, this weapon is pretty badass. I love this weapon. Personally, it was definitely all the boring work it took to get. But it seemed really funny to me, like who would bring a compound bow like this into combat in real life! It makes no sense, but it’s a really cool weapon to have. Also, like a year ago, it was voted one of the hardest easter eggs to get in a game of all time. It was very tough for me to get. I definitely recommend getting Premium for a better Battlefield 4 experience. Having all the extra maps, weapons, challenges, and vehicles makes it seem like an other game. Also, it was only $50 when I got it. Most Xbox games are $60. Seeing this, I thought about how it’s like paying for a whole another game, but with a $10 dollar discount. I thought this was awesome when I saw it. Also, the game comes out with updates all the time. Of course, as many of you may know, there was a spring update. This update was pretty amazing, and included many new weapon and a new game mode. This game mode is so fun. It’s called Gun Game. It is the size of a team death match map, but also everyone starts out with the same gun. The weapon is none of the players’ choice. Some times it could be.. let’s say a pistol one. It would start out with the first pistol, the p226, then you would move on to the next one, and then you keep going and whoever gets the last kills with the last gun wins.  To proceed to the next weapon you need two kills with it.  Right now, this is my favorite game mode. But it is starting to get boring.

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Battlefield 4 Premium

Hey everyone! It’s me Niles and I have a very interesting game for today. It’s Battlefield 4. I got this game in around February. This game for the Xbox One is definitely worth every penny. I got it on sale for $30. I started playing it and just about never lost interest. When I was starting to, I bought the Premium version. This was amazing.  I know this is pretty off topic for free online games, but I just had to tell people about this. So far, my favorite thing about the premium version is the Phantom Bow. The Phantom Bow is an easter egg within the game. It’s a phantom bow with 100 damage, accuracy 75, hip fire 0 (Because you can’t hip fire a bow) and stability 100. I do not have this, but I have picked it up a few times. It is very fun to use and I’m working on unlocking it right now. This, though, is by far the hardest thing to unlock in the game. It is taking me so long, and I’m not even half way done getting it. But okay, back to the premium. There are four DLC expansion packs. Also, if you didn’t know, “DLC” stands for Downloadable Content. There are sixteen extra maps within these DLC’s and many more unlockable weapons / challenges.  My father also plays this. It’s very funny watching him play because he likes to snipe in the funniest places. In some of the maps he will camp in one of the party bus‘s and he will snipe looking out the windows. It’s the funniest thing, because sometimes he hits the edge of the window. And when he gets shot at, he just lies down in the aisle! Okay now, back to talking about the premium. In premium, you can unlock a bunch of new weapons. I think my favorite weapon to unlock is the Bulldog. The Bulldog, is one of the Assault Rifles and you unlock it by getting the “Lions and Tigers and Bears” achievement. You get that by playing as  assault and killing 10 recon players, 10 engineer players, and 10 support players. This is by far my favorite weapon.






Snapchat (Download)


      Snapchat is an app where you can take pictures of yourself and share your moments with everyone. With this app you can send pictures of what you are doing to friends and and to your stories.


Add friends by username and you can snapchat them. If they add you back, you can talk to each other. This app is a fun and useful app. If you want someone to see the situation your in, you can show them very simply.


Features include: Friends, Stories, news, screenshots, videos, pictures, and simple chats.

Friends was already explained above. Stories are like sending every person you are friends with a snap. A snap is another word for the picture / message you send. If I take a picture of my meal and set it as my story, then everyone can see it too.  They can repeat it, repeat it, and repeat it over and over again. This is the only message people can see over and over. The kinds of messages you can send are pictures, videos, and normal simple messages. These kind of messages are private, but the person you are sending can screenshot it. When they screenshot it, you get a notification telling you that.  There is also a replay a day perk you get. Everyday you get a chance to get a replay on one person’s picture. Pictures are only shown for one to ten seconds. That is the only chance someone has to seeing the picture.  It is the same thing with videos. One of the newer updates include news. When you swipe to the right twice you can see all the new updates in the world in a matter of seconds. The last thing I will be talking about is the simple chat. In the simple chat there is no deleting unless you manually hit the delete button.  These messages save.

This is all I have for today!


Will be coming out soon!

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Facebook (Download)


Facebook is a wonderful app! With this app you can communicate with friends, meet new friends, play games, and much more! This also can be a useful tool. When you need help, or you are selling something, you can just make a post and tell people you are in need of help. Or make a post saying you are selling something. When you are going on a trip and can’t see your friends, that is no problem! With the Facebook app you can call, message, video chat, and much more. Also, you can connect certain apps to it, like for example, Clash of Clans. You can also


You can’t have Facebook without friends! Add people that you know in real life whether if be from school, work, friends of friends, or even strangers! They can expose you to stuff going on around the world, their interests, and anything else.

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