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Facebook is a wonderful app! With this app you can communicate with friends, meet new friends, play games, and much more! This also can be a useful tool. When you need help, or you are selling something, you can just make a post and tell people you are in need of help. Or make a post saying you are selling something. When you are going on a trip and can’t see your friends, that is no problem! With the Facebook app you can call, message, video chat, and much more. Also, you can connect certain apps to it, like for example, Clash of Clans. You can also


You can’t have Facebook without friends! Add people that you know in real life whether if be from school, work, friends of friends, or even strangers! They can expose you to stuff going on around the world, their interests, and anything else.

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Clash of Clans (Download)


Clash of Clans is the bomb! Clash of Clans is a great game in which you can raise an army, start clans, and battle with millions of players world wide. It’s a lot like Boom Beach. First, start out with a small village with a weak army. Then you can build your base and upgrade your army to become one of the biggest and baddest players out there.  You will be able to play with a millions of people across the world, competing in different leagues with different clans. Upgrade your clan castle and get together with friends to start clan wars against other rival groups. This is a great, competitive game to play on your Apple or Android Device. Actually, I still remember the first time I played it. I first downloaded it using the Wifi hotspot riding in a limo to take my mother out for mother’s day. Of course, I was a young kid and easily distracted and got bored quickly, hence my beginning to online gaming. Kudos to you for the nice touch of the added wifi Limo Maine!

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