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Clash of Clans is the bomb! Clash of Clans is a great game in which you can raise an army, start clans, and battle with millions of players world wide. It’s a lot like Boom Beach. First, start out with a small village with a weak army. Then you can build your base and upgrade your army to become one of the biggest and baddest players out there.  You will be able to play with a millions of people across the world, competing in different leagues with different clans. Upgrade your clan castle and get together with friends to start clan wars against other rival groups. This is a great, competitive game to play on your Apple or Android Device. Actually, I still remember the first time I played it. I first downloaded it using the Wifi hotspot riding in a limo to take my mother out for mother’s day. Of course, I was a young kid and easily distracted and got bored quickly, hence my beginning to online gaming. Kudos to you for the nice touch of the added wifi Limo Maine!


You start out with a level one town hall. The town hall is your base and the biggest part of your village in Clash of Clans. It is the heart of your village. If an enemy takes this out, they win the battle against you. You will start out with these soldiers called Barbarians. These are very important soldiers. With these soldiers you can fight battles against other players across the world. If the battle is a win, you earn money known as “Gold,” “Elixr,””Dark Elixr.” These are three types of currency in Clash of Clans and are equally as important. As you get more of this money, you can upgrade your town hall to unlock different types of soldiers, more mines to bring in money as you play, defensive soldiers, and much much more. As you progress battling other players, you will eventually earn enough trophies (Points within a league) to join a league. The first league is called Bronze III. This is the lowest league you can be in. As you battle more it will go up to Bronze II, then Bronze I. When you become the best in this league you will move up to Silver. After silver is gold, then crystal and Master is the final league. Every league up you go, the other players will become much tougher to go up against and so will you. An other big part equally as important as leading battles is defending your village from others. Don’t just upgrade your army, but also upgrade your defensive parts. Cannons, mortars, bombs, etc. need to be upgraded to help prevent losing your loot and trophy points. Don’t forget to work on everything equally.

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Town Hall

The Town Hall is probably the most important part of your village. As I said, it is the heart of the village. You can build your army, defensive parts, and upgrade your income time (Mines and Elixr Collectors). But, you can only upgrade those so much before you have to stop. You only have to stop though is if your Town Hall doesn’t get upgraded. For example, when your Town Hall is level 4, you are limited to 75 walls,  two cannons, two archers, one mortar, a few mines, and a  few elixr collectors. This includes some of your limits. If I want, let’s say 100 walls, I would have to upgrade my Town hall up to level 5. You can get a lot more things and helpful stuff just by upgrading that. When you battle against other players you should try going after the Town hall first. If you can take that out then you have already won the battle. This is a good thing because this way you wont lose any trophies, money, or anything. This is just a gain. But remember, when people try attacking you, they will go after the Town hall. Try keeping it in the center of your base and keep it well protected from invaders so you don’t lose any points. Sturdy walls and strong defensive tools  surrounding the Town hall and loot can protect you and help you out a lot. This way, you are almost guaranteed a win every time.


Money is probably your second most valuable thing upon your base. This helps you get upgrades and clear up space on your land. There are three types  of currencies in Clash of Clans that are used and they are called Gold, Elixr, and Dark Elixr. You don’t start off with Dark Elixr so don’t worry too much about that in the beginning. You may be thinking, well who cares about elixr and Dark elixr when you have Gold! Well, these are all equally as important. Always be working on your gold mines, elixr collectors, gold storage, and elixr storage. These will help make your Town hall stronger and your army stronger. It takes time, but don’t worry. Your money will come in quicker than you think, especially if you participate in Clan Wars. (For more information on Clan Wars, see the next section.) The next kind of currency is called Dark Elixr. This is some pretty dark stuff. It costs lots of money to obtain, and is definitely worth it. All the most amazing stuff is payed for in dark elixr. This will make your army immensely stronger and help you dominate. So now you know, all currencies are equally as important and can help you out a lot.


Defense. This is probably one of your most important parts of Clash of Clans. This keeps your trophy level high and gains you loot. This also prevents losing loot. Place your defense in a strong spot to protect your more important stuff. Remember when I said that the Town Hall is the heart of the base and if you lose that you lose the battle? You want to keep it in the middle of your base and surrounded in walls. It would be a good thing to have cannons, archer towers, wizard towers, mortars, and other defensive tools around your Town Hall. You don’t want to lose this. Treat it like it is your baby. Outside of the Town Hall should be walls, then outside of that should be gold and elixr storage. Keep your most important things tight on the inside. Have more walls around that. Then I would put archers and other defensive soldiers around that then the non-important stuff around there. Make sure you level up your town hall to get more defenses and protect your base.


In Clash of Clans you are going to want a strong Army. The Army is your defense and comes from the Barracks. The barracks is a building on your base that will make your soldiers. As your upgrade it the better troops you will have. An other useful tool that helps make your troops better is the Laboratory. The laboratory is something to upgrade your troops and make them stronger. If you have, for example, some barbarians. The barbarians are a pretty useful kind of soldier to have. But, you may not like how they are not that strong, fast, or something like that. If you don’t like that, you can spend the money in the laboratory and upgrade your troops to level two. This will take quite a bit of time, but your troops will be a lot stronger. An other good thing to upgrade is your camp. You can dominate a big base that you are battling if you have enough troops. With level two barbarians and like 80 of them you can win a lot of battles in the beginning. Remember to keep upgrading your army as you go.

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