Battlefield 4 Premium

Hey everyone! It’s me Niles and I have a very interesting game for today. It’s Battlefield 4. I got this game in around February. This game for the Xbox One is definitely worth every penny. I got it on sale for $30. I started playing it and just about never lost interest. When I was starting to, I bought the Premium version. This was amazing.  I know this is pretty off topic for free online games, but I just had to tell people about this. So far, my favorite thing about the premium version is the Phantom Bow. The Phantom Bow is an easter egg within the game. It’s a phantom bow with 100 damage, accuracy 75, hip fire 0 (Because you can’t hip fire a bow) and stability 100. I do not have this, but I have picked it up a few times. It is very fun to use and I’m working on unlocking it right now. This, though, is by far the hardest thing to unlock in the game. It is taking me so long, and I’m not even half way done getting it. But okay, back to the premium. There are four DLC expansion packs. Also, if you didn’t know, “DLC” stands for Downloadable Content. There are sixteen extra maps within these DLC’s and many more unlockable weapons / challenges.  My father also plays this. It’s very funny watching him play because he likes to snipe in the funniest places. In some of the maps he will camp in one of the party bus‘s and he will snipe looking out the windows. It’s the funniest thing, because sometimes he hits the edge of the window. And when he gets shot at, he just lies down in the aisle! Okay now, back to talking about the premium. In premium, you can unlock a bunch of new weapons. I think my favorite weapon to unlock is the Bulldog. The Bulldog, is one of the Assault Rifles and you unlock it by getting the “Lions and Tigers and Bears” achievement. You get that by playing as  assault and killing 10 recon players, 10 engineer players, and 10 support players. This is by far my favorite weapon.






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