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      Snapchat is an app where you can take pictures of yourself and share your moments with everyone. With this app you can send pictures of what you are doing to friends and and to your stories.


Add friends by username and you can snapchat them. If they add you back, you can talk to each other. This app is a fun and useful app. If you want someone to see the situation your in, you can show them very simply.


Features include: Friends, Stories, news, screenshots, videos, pictures, and simple chats.

Friends was already explained above. Stories are like sending every person you are friends with a snap. A snap is another word for the picture / message you send. If I take a picture of my meal and set it as my story, then everyone can see it too.  They can repeat it, repeat it, and repeat it over and over again. This is the only message people can see over and over. The kinds of messages you can send are pictures, videos, and normal simple messages. These kind of messages are private, but the person you are sending can screenshot it. When they screenshot it, you get a notification telling you that.  There is also a replay a day perk you get. Everyday you get a chance to get a replay on one person’s picture. Pictures are only shown for one to ten seconds. That is the only chance someone has to seeing the picture.  It is the same thing with videos. One of the newer updates include news. When you swipe to the right twice you can see all the new updates in the world in a matter of seconds. The last thing I will be talking about is the simple chat. In the simple chat there is no deleting unless you manually hit the delete button.  These messages save.

This is all I have for today!


Will be coming out soon!

Check back in soon for more! :-)

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