Battlefield 4 Premium (Continued)

Hey everyone, Niles here again. I just wanted to talk about Battlefield 4 Premium a little bit more. I was playing for about three weeks (A couple hours a day) and I got the Phantom Bow I was talking about.  I gotta tell you, this weapon is pretty badass. I love this weapon. Personally, it was definitely all the boring work it took to get. But it seemed really funny to me, like who would bring a compound bow like this into combat in real life! It makes no sense, but it’s a really cool weapon to have. Also, like a year ago, it was voted one of the hardest easter eggs to get in a game of all time. It was very tough for me to get. I definitely recommend getting Premium for a better Battlefield 4 experience. Having all the extra maps, weapons, challenges, and vehicles makes it seem like an other game. Also, it was only $50 when I got it. Most Xbox games are $60. Seeing this, I thought about how it’s like paying for a whole another game, but with a $10 dollar discount. I thought this was awesome when I saw it. Also, the game comes out with updates all the time. Of course, as many of you may know, there was a spring update. This update was pretty amazing, and included many new weapon and a new game mode. This game mode is so fun. It’s called Gun Game. It is the size of a team death match map, but also everyone starts out with the same gun. The weapon is none of the players’ choice. Some times it could be.. let’s say a pistol one. It would start out with the first pistol, the p226, then you would move on to the next one, and then you keep going and whoever gets the last kills with the last gun wins.  To proceed to the next weapon you need two kills with it.  Right now, this is my favorite game mode. But it is starting to get boring.

Well that’s all for today everyone! Check in soon for more.