Jet Pack Joyride (Android)

Alright everybody, the other day my friend showed me a game called Jetpack Joyride.  As most of you already know, its designed for both Apple and Android platforms. What I use is an android phone. This game is full of surprises, fun events, and amazing challenges. For example, I was playing once and I noticed that you can high five the little scientists running around on the ground. Another example is that within the game, if you hit a multicolored box, you get a vehicle to ride in, and there are a variety of different ones. One is a dragon that you can fly on, another is a small robot that works like a frog, another is a jet ski, and finally there’s a crazy teleporter. I’m probably confusing a lot of you out there because you may not have played or heard of this game. The object of the game is to progress through a map, kind of like a Mario map, and you avoid incoming projectiles while riding in a jetpack or even one of the vehicles that I mentioned a while ago. As you progress through the game, the speed increases quickly and the difficulty level rises. That’s all I have for today everyone, thank for reading, check out this game, and I’ll see you in my next post.

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