Black Ops III (3)

Hey, how is everyone!? Sorry, I haven’t been on at all lately, I’ve been really busy with school, and grades, and friends, and all that junk.  Anyway, I pre-ordered Black Ops III before it came out and was instantly in love. Black Ops III is the future of gaming. I got it for Xbox One too, just saying. (If you would like to add me, my gamertag is: BigTimeGooseX) I got the Nuk3town map too, and it was incredible. They remade it yet again and it is amazing. Anyway, back to the discussion on the entire game overall. This game is probably the most fast paced Call of Duty title since their latest game, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Sniping, is incredibly tough, to be honest. The best weapons probably to go with are the LMG’s or the Assault Rifles. Or maybe even the shotguns. The shotguns in Bo3 are incredible. The greatest thing about Bo3 are the new features that come to life within the game. This is the first time Call of Duty has ever experienced wall running! Yes, WALL RUNNING! Another great new feature about the game is that you can play the campaign with people online multiplayer. It’s crazy and makes the campaign all that much better. Another great thing is the zombies mode. The zombies mode takes place, if I can remember correctly, back in the 1800’s in a city known for it’s gambling. Looks like the characters of the zombies mode are gambling with incredibly high stakes, am I right? 😉 haha.  Anyway, that’s all for now. Be expecting new updates on both this blog, and other blogs. Thanks everybody for taking the time to read my blog, and have a great day! 😉